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Dominique L. Watson

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"Next of Kin"

Scarlett Fry is facing the toughest job she’s ever experienced: she’s getting ready to be a mother. 


With just a few months left in her pregnancy, she’s done everything possible to remain involved in every case her team has been assigned to solve. And as if being a pregnant detective wasn’t challenging enough, Scarlett has been assigned a new partner.   Neither her captain nor her husband can convince her to ride out her pregnancy behind a desk. So, in the middle of the night, she finds herself looking into a car window at a dead woman.


Debra Heath is found dead in her car within walking distance from her Point Loma home. She is found with two gunshot wounds, so the case is quickly turned over to homicide. Debra has no known enemies and lived a pretty consistent life, but when Scarlett Fry and her team uncover a cold case that hits close to Debra and her family, they are immediately drawn to a known drug dealer as the killer. 


Before they know it, the team comes face to face with a killer who’s been right under their nose. 



Is this a gang related killing or has Scarlett and her team stumbled upon the vicious killer who tore Debra’s family apart?


Find out in the fifth installment in the Scarlett Fry Series. 

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